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What is the Average Cost For Electrolysis ?

It’s rather hard to determine an average cost for electrolysis this simply isn’t possible in a general sense. The cost of treatment will differ depending on the patients intended result. Your age and the amount of hair you would like to remove and even the type of equipment and which process will be used. The average session costs from a low of $65.00 up to $100.00 per hour. This can only be used as a estimate as it may require several hours over several days depending on the amount of hair to be removed.

The Average Cost Also Depends on The Area To Be Treated Area

When trying to develop an average cost for hair removal electrolysis for a particular patient, the first step is to understand the extent of the treatment. On one side of the coin, it may take only a few one hour sessions a month for up to three or four months, to remove hair from a chin. The average cost for this electrolysis would then be about $1500. The other side of the coin could be a man looking to become permanently bald. As there is a lot of hair removal in this process, one can imagine that the average cost for this electrolysis job may be very expensive.

This expense may be insignificant for some or perhaps, even more importantly, an essential part of a change in their life or a change in their appearance. The average cost for an hair removal electrolysis treatment plan should be understood in that light. Hair removal electrolysis is normally part of a complete cosmetic program and, therefore, the costs are commingled with an assessment of self-worth. Sometimes hair removal may be medically needed due to infections or illnesses, in these rare cases the average cost for electrolysis is usually paid by the insurance company.

Average Cost Of Do It Yourself Hair Removal Electrolysis

Sometimes it can take months to complete the job, it will take a very dedicated person to devote a certain number of hours to this task weekly, particularly as self-application can be rather difficult and you may make mistakes that will need professional fixing. Therefore, if in this case the average cost for electrolysis may seem to be lower, it may not be that much different when all the time and rework is considered.

Although the self-application of electrolysis is not entirely recommended, it can reduce the average cost for electrolysis. In this case, the person can include the costs of the equipment and choose to ignore the costs of their own time. Equipment can start at around $30 and can range into hundreds of dollars for blended treatments and applicators. This may change the average cost for electrolysis considerably.


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